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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 530  NBC  May 9, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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emergency crews spending time responding to non-emergencies a couple of hundred yards away from the hospital. good evening. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. we're told to call 911 only in an emergency. but one place may be abusing the system making calls when it's not a matter of life and death. >> it could delay response time for your real emergencies. we expose this breakdown and waste of resources. >> reporter: it looks and sounds like an emergency. >> 751 south. >> reporter: firefighters and paramedics responding to a 911 call. >> is there a better way to do this? >> yes. of course there is. you can count on it every day if you're working at the station. >> you're hearing from a veteran
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firefighter and veteran paramedic. >> what made you ultimately decide to sit in front of our cameras. >> the fact that i'm trying to make it better. >> it is disappointing to know we're not adequately being used. >> charlie response. south bascom. >> here's the problem. >> at the valley medical center, at the specialty clinic 83-year-old is dizzy and weak. >> hundreds of 911 calls to this one address. in most cases, firefighters and paramedics were spending time and resources on non-emergency calls. >> they take up a lot of resources moving patients from one place to the other, which is across the parking lot. >> that's right. 911 calls to transport patients with nonlife threatening conditions. not across town but simply across the parking lot. take a look. from the air you can see the
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valley specialty center is just across the campus from the emergency room valley medical center. it's located at the very same address. as the crow flies, they are separated by only a couple hundred yards. >> it doesn't make sense that you're going to send an ambulance that's going to take them around the corner. >> in public records object obtained by the investigate issive unit shows the concerns raised by firefighters and paramedics. in an initial review by the county found more than 200 medical values to valley specialty center in the 21 months prior to april of last year. an audit paid with tax dollars. it included firefighters said these calls frequently turn out to be situations where ambulance transport is needed. on a non-emergency basis. but 911 is being called out rather than arranging for transportation separately. >> does this need to be fixed?
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>> i think we need to look for ways to improve the system. >> the battalion chief is in charge of the emergency response for the san is jose fire department. >> the concerns you heard are coming from a legitimate place. they want good care in their community. >> concerns that firefighters and paramedics that were supported in the county audit. i includes this is an in efficient use of 911 resources. and could result in a delayed response to a true medical emergency of another person elsewhere in the city. >> are we correct in questioning what's going on here? >> i think it's absolutely correct to take a look at our system and look at ways to improve. >> since the county audit last year, the number of calls has increased. >> this call on march 10th included pairramedics and
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personnel. a nonlife-threatening situation. you can see a clear lack of urgency. >> on march 30th another example. rotors show a call for an interfacility transport to the e.r. again, watch the lack of urgery. records requested by the bay area investigative unit shows calls made following the county audit have more than doubled, increasing by 149%. >> do you see this issue as something that concerns you? >> i wasn't concerned until you brought it to my attention. >> a potentially troubling response from the chief medical officer from the santa clara valley medical center. it recommended the hospital the fire department, and emergency communications all work together to find other options for non-emergency calls. >> the audit released in december you have not read? >> i have not read it. >> so nothing has changed? >> this is the first time it's
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been brought to my attention. >> is that a problem, doctor? >> i would say if ems felt that they needed to sit down with us and talk to us that would have -- we would have welcomed that. >> both the audit and several paramedics and firefighters point the better option for transporting non-emergency patients from the nearby specialty clinic. options like using a private transport company. or applying for special labor to use this underground walkway that connects the specialty center with the hospital and the emergency room. a trip that would take less than five minutes, significantly faster than most responses to 911 calls. >> if you read the words of the odd it this is a significant issue. and it sounds like it's been ignored here at valley medical. >> i would not say that it's been ignored. i would say that it has not been brought to the attention of medical leadership here.
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>> nbc bay area news. we wanted to ask questions of the county's ems director but the county did decline our request. county supervisors are scheduled to address this issue in june and we'll be there. give us a call the 888-996-tips or accepted an e-mail. a deadly hit and run in the east bay overnight. now a san pablo man is in jail accused of causing the crash. it happened on i-80 near solano avenue. when chp arrived they found only one vehicle. the driver died at the hospital. the officers were able to find the missing car a few miles from the scene. it turns out it was stolen. they were able to track it to 20-year-old jesus arab ya. his picture has not been released but he has been arrested. a new crime fighting tool called alert 360.
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the free app allows users to instantly receive alerts when nearby emergencies are reported by other alert 360 users. the app calls 911 and allows recipient toss report what they see and have access to first responders. sit available for iphone and android users. a body found on south b street. officers say the 55-year-old man was homeless. they are still investigating how he died. so far police are not calling his death suspicious. the bay area getting ready for a super bowl 50. it is not just the party planning. it is the largest single human trafficking event in the country. that's happening now is today hundreds arrived for a summit on how to put an end to the trade. the event focused on educating bay area organizations for what signs to look out for. >> anyone in our neighborhood can let us know what they are seeing when they're walking by
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their dogs walking by a massage parlor walking by their favorite coffee shop. >> human trafficking victims are all over the bay area. >> now to decision 2016. it is not every day that a republican candidate for president makes the push for bay area votes, but that's exactly what rand paul is doing to try to secure the silicon valley tech vote. the senator from kentucky officially opened an office in san francisco's soma neighborhood today. paul is in town for a gathering called" disrupting democracy" where he took questions about net neutrality. tonight, aviation investigators are trying to figure out why a brand-new jet fell out of the sky. you're looking at video from the moments after the crash. it happened this morning in seville, spain. the airbus a 400-m landed a mile from the airport. it was reportedly being used by
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the turkish military and was on its first ever flight. they heard from the pilots right before impact about some kind of a problem. at least four crew members are dead. a handful of others are in the hospital. and the outbreak in liberia is over. the cup is celebrating because the world health organization has declared the country ebola free. there's not been a case of the disease in 42 days. the president marked the milestone by visiting a treatment center in the capital. she thanked health care workers who fought against the virus. also, two other countries, sierra leone and guinea are still battling ebola. park visitors caught on camera running for their lives from a -- i don't want to say scary predator but they look unhappy. >> what sent a family of black bears on this chase. what park officials want
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visitors to learn from it. breezy conditions around san francisco. 60 degrees. coming up at the top of the hour giants baseball here on nbc bay area. game time temperatures in the cool 50s. will the sea breeze bring down your sunday afternoon temperatures as well? a look when we come back. ♪ at kaiser permanente everything you need is under one roof. another way care and coverage together makes life easier. okay, a little easier. become a member of kaiser permanente. because together, we thrive. ♪
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>> it's great to be able to have opportunities to see animals like that. but, boy, seeing them from that close isn't good for anybody really. >> the montana parks department released the video hoping to warn other visitors to give bears their space. >> behind every piece of history there is a story. from black power to gay liberation to the notion of health care being a human right.
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all of these social movements have root here in the bay area. bay area revelation revels and revolutions. the untold stories of the people and moments behind the history. making history making characters like never before. >> had a very add chennerous youth. at one point he was dating the janis joplin was dating. she was using heroin at the time. and terry tells the story himself. she hits him with an overdose passed out, nearly died fortunately lived and went on to become the district attorney of san francisco. >> and that's not all. you have to learn how the grateful dead played a role in obama care. bet you didn't know that. how a speech by george w. bush inspired newsome to issue
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same-sex marriage licenses and turn it into is a movement. bay area revelations tonight after the giants game. >> how cool is that? best of luck to an 11-year-old cooper tino boy getting ready to replica qaa in the national geographic bee in washington, d.c. next week. he has been studying geography since his preschool days. i think he's going to take it. one of 54 finalists in his category. he could win a trip and $50,000 college scholarship. he hopes to go to stanford one day. let's check the weather one more time. here's your microclimate forecast interesting weather around the bay area. still hanging on to 60s. the view looking off towards campbell.
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fairly cloud free. cool things off in oakland. 60 degrees. we have the winds west and over closer to san francisco, you get the low clouds moving in. 60 right now. it probably feels cooler as the ocean air-conditioning has been on overdrive today. the wind speeds with the arrow pointing inward. these winds have been gusty the last couple of weeks have helped to really bring down the temperatures offshore earlier. about a month ago, we had 60s off the coast. heading out to the coastline tomorrow you would expect to see temperatures more like this. the cooler ocean weather up wells from below, brings the cooler water up and the warmer water offshore. temperatures in the low to mid 50s for the water temperatures. it's interesting. our temperature pattern inland low breeze we start off in the 50s in healdsburg. if you're right near the water at ocean beach, sunshine breaking through the clouds.
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look at that. temperatures not much warmer than the water temperature there offshore. highs around ocean beach in the mid-50s. close to that tomorrow. you see the pattern repeats. low clouds inland. if you get your plans started to mom tomorrow morning, you'll have misty skies. a little bit of low cloud cover inland towards the valley and tri-valley for the morning through about 9:00. as we go through the afternoon hours, sunshine here. but if your mom's day plans in the sierra include an afternoon hike you want to watch out for scattered showers or thunder showers. south of lake tahoe. we will see that for the afternoon. should break out a little bit of sunshine for tomorrow. so temperatures tomorrow, 40s and 50s to start. low clouds. a little bit of mist to start the morning off. right around lunchtime, should see numbers close to 70 in livermore. san francisco, oakland, afternoon not moving much. napa not too bad.
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70. 73 at liverpool at 3:00 in the afternoon. pacifica, 55 degrees. upper 50s to 60s around san francisco. 70s around the try valley. mid-70s for the afternoon. is low 70s into santa rosa. the sea breeze will turn stronger to get back to the workweek. south bay over to san francisco, highs in the upper 50s in san francisco and monday. and upper 60s around the south bay. for the north bay and tri-valley temperatures cooling down as we start the week. and then thursday and friday kind of interesting. just like we had this week. another area of low pressure drops in for our next chance of rain coming up possibly late thursday, into friday. and unlike this weekend, this low may stick around for a while. so the extended forecast as we take you into next weekend may include a few more showers. so the timing works out for mom. this weekend, we're free of the showers. temperatures a little bit warmer. what we could see next weekend, a few temperatures next
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saturday. then skies clear towards next sunday. back to you. >> rob, thanks so much. and a check with kate scott from "comcast sportsnet". >> there is a lot to talk about. hunter pence keeping in rehab in sacramento. plus here is san francisco ahead of at&t park coming up in sports. (music) hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! (music)
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the giants have a chance to make it two in a row tonight. let's go to at&t park. >> the giants with madison bumgardner, last year's mvp. he's up against the marlins and juan carlos stanton. he hasn't really gotten it going yet. >> lifetime his numbers against madison jump off the page.
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8 for 13. lifetime with five doubles. he leads the big leagues in rbis. stanton has 29 rbis and he has not gotten it going. in batting practice he hit it over the stands just below the glove, didn't hit the glove. farther ball we have seen from a right-hander. going up against phelps, a former yankee. back to you. >> last night with the river cats. sacrifice fly. pence said right now he's just trying to control what he can control. >> at first i was like okay well this happened early. i can get back quicker. i had unrealistic expectations. you know control what you can control and just try to get back out there. it is still to be determined the
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how it is going to affect. you put all the work in the off-season and then come in ready to rock. the staff and the spring team has done a wonderful job. >> the game moved because so many scouts wanted to watch this guy. justin cooper one of the top prospects in the nation. he ended the game with his 10th strikeout. delasalle wins 10-0. rickie fowler 7 under par. haas also on the hunt. nice roll off his tee shot. made birdie on the hall. one of three players at 9 under. a shot behind this guy. wait for it. chris curt he's looking good out
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of saw grass. 10 under heading into sunday. game three between the warriors and grizzlies in the second quarter in memphis. dubs down by nine. that's coming up at 11:00. >> go warriors. >> i think they can do it. >> there you have it. >> i think so too. >> kate thanks a lot. an otter box case is supposed to be indestructible. >> there are reports that an actual otter took one in part. a tongue in cheek response came from the company after hearing this otter slaughter.
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is your phone case tuff 'n uff? >> one person's otter box phone case was demolished by otters when it fell into a zoo enclosure. the phone case company released this gag video of otters testing out other cases. these cases survived but barely.
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they advise customers to keep their phones away from wildlife just in case. sum issing up the newscast watch out for black bears and keep your otter boxes away from wildlife. >> really any excuse to put an otter on air is warranted. >> that's fine. >> time well spent. >> let's look at tonight's schedule. giants game is coming up next. after that bay area revolutions, rebels and revolutions, and of course "saturday night live". and our newscast tonight at 11:00 p.m. >> and a check with one more time. maybe a sprinkle or two? >> yeah it's possible. high pressure tomorrow for mom's day around the area looks pretty good. 72. towards the end of next week we could see more showers towards the end of next week. could mean more snow in the see is air ra. nice the way it's working out. much needed rain later next week. >> all right, rob. >> giants and marlins game coming up next.
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. . two of the best in baseball go head to head giancarlo, he's to good he's the major rbi leader but hasn't found his groove yet. madison bumgarner, pitching line an ace, the rest handle stanton tonight. game three, next. . all roads seem to lead to 24 willie mays plaza, beautiful downtown home of the giants as giants and marlins get ready for game three of the four-game series. hello, i'm


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